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Trump Sends Out Obama Photo As Liberals Literally Lose Their Minds

When Trump tweeted a playfully humorous tweet about this event, liberals got furious.

While some leftists are in the streets with bats pledging violence on American Christians, most of the U.S. breathed a huge sigh of relief the day failed President Obama departed the White House and President Donald Trump stepped in. There were even more people excited about that than the recent eclipse, so the Commander in Chief decided to retweet praise an Obama photo that honored the two.

Seeing only color (which wasn’t the point of the hilarious image AT ALL), Twitter user Cheryl @upsnodowns tweeted, “Trump’s goal is to remove all traces of the 1st Black President. But, like the sun after an eclipse, Obama’s light will continue to shine,” Louder With Crowder reported today. Liberals have lost their minds in rage over the tweet.

Like a case of solar eclipse blindness (which, like forms of liberalism, there is no cure for), Mary Uhlik @hauntingofmelda said “I still see the Obama. He is always visible always. Obama will shine on forever.”

On some frequencies, Fukushima’s nuclear disaster will also shine forever, but it is killing us. Also, what is with “the Obama,” worded as if he were a Buddist statue?

One social media user, Rob Cooper @RobCooperJr, seemed to think of Obama as Jesus Christ when he foolishly typed, “From light to darkness, from Truth to Falsehood. Jesus was the light of the world. The devil is darkness. We are now under Satan’s rule.”

Showing how Obama was worshipped (which of any man is terrifying) by his followers, Christine Quintana @brooklyngrl28 wrote “This just shows me Winter has come, Darkness blocking the Light, In end times, the devil has arrived!

All of this over a funny meme that had nothing to do with race and nothing to do with religion. The way that the left fawns over Obama make them appear almost as if they lived in the DPRK and he was Kim Jong-un.

Everything with them is color or race.

Appearance means more than substance to liberals and that is why, when asked for a reason regarding why they detest Mr. Trump so much, they have only untrue talking points to offer.

Source: Louder With Crowder