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Trump Unveils New Structure To The Federal Government

Trump is keeping his promises and is happy to show America how it is being made great again.

The federal government (aka “The Swamp”) is so vile and corrupt that many liberty lovers have long said that it needs to be restructured from the bottom up. A grassroots change needs to happen in order to turn the Constitution back into the beacon of liberty that it was meant to be. As the Hill has confirmed, the White House just today has put forth such ideas.

The restructuring plan is a clean sweep that has many on the left stunned. Some “proposals to impose work requirements on assistance programs,” are included, which is something that has been needed as it relates to able-bodied welfare recipients.

Businesses change all the time,” admitted White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney. “Government doesn’t, and one of the things you get when you hire a businessman to become president is you bring this attitude from the private sector.”

This is a great place to stop and reflect upon how very wrong most of those opposed to President Donald Trump really were. They had said that “you can’t run a country like a business” when in reality, that is exactly the best thing that could have happened in America. People who said such things could not have been more mistaken if they had set out to be.

One of those needed changes sees the food stamp program (called “SNAP“) moving from the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Health and Human Services. With the new move comes a new name, too. It will be redubbed “the Department of Health and Public Welfare.”

As promised, no one is going to be “dying in the streets” with Mr. Trump in office, but they are not going to get a free ride while they sit at home woofing down Bon Bons, either.

The new Council on Public Assistance could then “oversee” the programs all in one spot. This will help with abuse and many other nuances currently not being addressed. Welfare and Medicaid could then require the loafers, deadbeats, and abusers of the system to work.

Some people can’t work and they of course, won’t be affected.

Sen. Patty Murray (R-WA) is the “top Democrat on the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee,” and she feels that the plan is “dead on arrival,” however. She called the move by the White House a “futile reorganizations of the federal government just to have a new talking point.

Futile? Perhaps Murray does not understand that, while this plan may be shot down this year and the next time it is pushed, too, in time, it will gain traction. We saw this with the Tea Party when it first began. Therefore, the move is anything but futile.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress have rejected President Trump’s proposals to drastically gut investments in education, health care, and workers — and he should expect the same result for this latest attempt to make government work worse for the people it serves,” she stated. The fact is, regardless of what greedy politicians think, the voters hated Obamacare because it ruined health insurance for millions of Americans. That is hardly a rejection of his stances by the people.

Likewise, the Department of Education has failed in ways that are too numerous to name. Today, many Americans can not talk well, read well, nor think well. Changing such a failure is not something that too many voters want to see rejected.

The president also wants to “merge the Departments of Education and Labor” so that “education and job training” can be under the same streamlined (and more efficient) roof, so to speak.

Privatizing the Post Office is being talked about, and since they are losing money faster than the White Sox are losing ballgames, this is not a bad idea, either.

Also on the agenda is combining “the Department of Agriculture’s food safety regulators with those in the Food and Drug Administration” so that the U.S. can see an end to how “a cheese pizza is regulated by the FDA for safety, while a pepperoni pizza is regulated by the Department of Agriculture,” official said.

Some of the changes to be made do not even need a congressional vote, which means that the left can’t easily impede Trump’s progress in these areas. This is the case “an idea to elevate the Office of Personnel Management,” as OMB Deputy Director Margaret Weichert has noted.

It is good to see that the swamp is not just being drained, but replaced with something far more productive. Now it just remains to be seen if the leaders of the U.S. will undermine the will of the voters who agree with Donald Trump or not.