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Trump’s America Sees Hawaii Aiming For Optimal Defense

Hawaii is never going to be left like a duck in a shooting gallery under Trump's watch.

There is often some debate about how much money should be spent on offensive weapons. However, one of the topics that should always meet little to no opposition is when the discussion is about defensive weapons. Keeping threats like those which North Korea hurled at the U.S. last winter at bay should always be objective number one, as the Duran has reported today.

Hawaii is likely breathing a huge sigh of relief as one billion-dollar “antiballistic radar system is being planned for development” for America’s western most state. Considering the chaos and confusion that ensued when the D.P.R.K. was strutting and the fear caused by mis-sent texts and failed warning systems from Hawaiian leadership at the time, this overhaul on U.S. soil is a blessing.

President Donald Trump ran on a platform of fixing the infrastructure and the other problems in America, and after the mess last winter, that meant Hawaii. This new system will “counter nuclear ICBM threats” which, while not a worry now, is always a concern due to China’s posturing on the world stage.

The Duran seems to downplay the need for this Obama approved upgrade, but if so, they are quick to forget that there was no threat only a few years ago in that region either, and suddenly Kim Jong-un had his pudgy finger on the big red button overnight. Furthermore, since the hole in U.S. defenses was the clearest to see in Hawaii since the Pearl Harbor attack, other nations would have kept this in mind if it had not been fixed.

The sorry state should never have been allowed to happen to begin with. Did the U.S. leadership never hear of World War II?

Obama did sign this budget expense in 2016 to take affect in 2017, but it was certainly a long wait. Still, the goal remains to “counter evolving missile threats in the Pacific Region.” Since Russia under Putin likes to haunt U.S. waters with nuclear capable submarines, this is not just an Asian threat by any means.

For that matter, North Korea was confirmed yesterday by CNN making improvements to the nuclear weapons sites that they were supposed to be shuddering. Perhaps this is merely to prevent a meltdown, but that remains to be seen. America canceled the war games, so North Korea is supposed to stop the construction, not wait until the deal is done with Mr. Trump.

With all of this being true, defense spending is wise at the island state.

Two areas near Oahu are being looked at as possible placement sites and “the radar that would be about 9 to 15 meters wide and 18 to 24 meters high,” according to the Associated Press.

Hawaii’s Democratic Senator Brian Schatz said that $61 million is already secured, but they still don’t have the $1 billion needed. While he is quick to remind the world that his state has “robust capabilities,” he did admit that they long to have “the most powerful combination of missile interceptors and radar systems anywhere.”

And why shouldn’t they? In this regard, the Democrat spender is absolutely right. There are some things that are quite important, such as doing everything in one’s power to make sure that the population is not engulfed in a fiery death! This should be done no matter the cost.

The Duran claims in their work that Iran is not building nuclear weapons at this time, a myth that almost hurts the eyes to read. Not only is Iran doing so, but they are have been working like ants scurrying about to inquire about it from none other than the Hermit Kingdom.

Let us not forget, either, that after former president Bill Clinton’s Chinagate fail, China has had nuclear their new nuclear weapons (designed by Americans) pointed at us. This is a nuance that MUST be remembered at ALL times.

The fact that one of the fifty states sat almost as open lat winter as during the attack on Pearl Harbor was a disgrace. Yes, they had systems in place and, yes, Guam isn’t about to drop the ball, but when nuclear weapons are the WMD to choice, layers of protection and redundancy work best.

After all, if just one nuclear weapon gets though, life as everyone knows it changes and it changes forever.