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Trump’s SCOTUS Choice Caught Feeding Homeless

Even as busy as he is going to be, Kavanaugh (pictured speaking) kept his pledge to the poor.

To hear the Democrats tell it, President Donald Trump‘s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, is practically the very devil himself. This man who the left has been relentlessly chastised since his nomination Monday was seen just 48 hours later serving meals to the homeless and needy “outside Catholic Charities in downtown Washington,” according to the Daily Caller.

Even though he is going to need to prepare for his confirmation hearing, he took the time to help those who needed him the most. His D.C. Circuit biography says that this wasn’t just a publicity stunt, however. Kavanaugh has been a “volunteer with the St. Maria’s Meals program” for a very long time.

The soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice has a Jesuit high school background that has instilled in him the drive to be “a man for others.” This is the “evil” man that the left is demonizing on a daily basis.

Kavanaugh did not call the media nor did he use his good deeds as a photo op. Rather it was a fellow volunteer who observed that the judge had signed up for the job long before anyone knew that Supreme Court Justice Kennedy was even going to retire.

He simply decided to keep his pledge, even with the busiest few weeks of his life just over the horizon (so much for his summer vacation plans).

So often, it is said that leaders and those who pull the strings are only “in it” for themselves. However, when a man shows up who does not fit that description, because he is not a godless socialist, the left-leaning media condemns him.

Imagine if this were President Obama’s pick doing something this kindhearted. Would the media have ever treated a judge this way if that had been the case?

Then again, President George W. Bush saw the same disrespect when Judge Meyer was attacked so viciously in the press that she chose not to accept his nomination. Just like that, her career was halted.

It is not very likely that Donald Trump is going to allow this to happen with Kavanaugh, but just the same, it is quite detestable to watch the media and others trying to make it so.

In the divided America that everyone lives in today, however, this hardly comes as a surprise.