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Turkey’s Plans To See The F-35 Fighter Delivered About To Be Shot Down

Lawmakers are questioning just what Turkey will do with the F-35.

When it is time to talk about really unstable nations with some rather nefarious ties, it is time to talk Turkey. WUWM News is reporting that on the first official day of summer in Fort Worth, Texas, a celebration is to be held regarding the Islamic NATO member state getting F-35 fighter jets from the United States.

Experts view the fighter as “the world’s most advanced and versatile warplane” and Turkey has ordered 100 of them. “Lockheed Martin’s 5th-generation stealth fighter” comes with 300,000 parts that can all be dissected by the Muslim nation, as well.

Congress is looking now to block the whole shipment and no Turkish pilots have yet arrived at the Luke Air Force Base in Arizona to learn how to man the plane. All of this makes some lawmakers strongly object to the transfer at all.

On its surface, because they’re a NATO ally, I don’t object to it,” said Thom Tillis (R-NC). “But today, I strongly object to it.

The truth is (though not politically correct to state perhaps) that NATO is made up of many nations who detest the United States of America. Therefore, turning over our finest war machines to some of them may not be the most brilliant of moves.

For example, Tillis points out that a Presbyterian minister has been held as a prisoner in Turkey for a year a half. The U.S. lawmaker visited Pastor Andrew Brunson only two months ago and said that he is being held on “bogus” charges and is being used a human bargaining chip for the extradition of Fetullah Gulen.

Gulen is also a Presbyterian who is thought to have attempted to “overthrow Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

There are ample security worries in this endeavor, as well. “The Turkish government claims to have purchased a Russian air defense system designed to shoot these very planes down,” observed Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH). In this matter, it seems that even both the G.O.P. and the Republicans are waking up at one time.

NATO partners need these F-35s to counter Russian activity. We would be handing this technology over to the Kremlin if we granted Turkey these planes, and Congress will not stand for it,” Shaheen added. In this case, the lefts rabid obsession with Putin is actually helpful.

Also, Turkish Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli said just last year that, as alluded to, “Turkey had ordered the Russian-made Triumf S-400 air defense system, whose eight launchers and 32 missiles can target both stealth warplanes and missiles within a radius of 372 miles.” This system does not work in tandem with NATO defenses.

This sounds more and more like a nation with something to hide. It would be surprising if they did not break out in laughter as the keys to the F-35 were being handed over, should that ever happen.

Russia and Turkey could also reverse engineer these jets to find possible vulnerabilities in them. That would put the United States at a dreadful disadvantage and put American pilots at grave risk of being shot out of the skies. At the very least, the planes would be less effective, particularly if the stealth technology was compromised in some way.

If the Russians want by electronic means or even through their technicians to get access to all this F-35 stuff that’s highly classified, that’s a problem,” stated James Jeffrey, the former U.S. ambassador to Turkey. While this is true, at some point, one of the planes will be shot down or otherwise captured and studied anyhow. This happened with U.S. drones in the Middle East during Obama’s reign, but just the same, no is no reason to hurry the transfer of this knowledge.

Wess Mitchell, the “State Department’s assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs and its point man on Turkey” has declared that “They should expect that if they move forward with a sophisticated Russian weapons platform, they can expect to see it have a ripple effect for their participation in U.S. military-industrial projects, and I think that includes the F-35.”

With Turkey forking over $90 million dollars for these jets, it is hard to predict how this is going to end. Hopefully, they get their money back (whatever has been so far paid) and told, “thanks, but no thanks.”

Russia, while not the hacking gods that the left fears, is no friend of the U.S. today. President Donald Trump is trying to mend that fence, but he is finding it hard to accomplish with NATO weapons perched on Putin’s welcome matt. This was the problem that North Korea’s Kim Jong-un had in regards to U.S and South Korean wargaming on their shores.

While that problem was solved by a swipe of Mr. Trump’s pen, getting NATO to depart from Russia’s borders is going to be harder than getting Maxine Waters (D-CA) to smile at Trump rally.

In the meantime, does the U.S. really want Turkey zipping around the skies in the very best war machines that America can produce as they work ever closer with Russia?

It seems that some members of Congress, thankfully, think not.