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UMKC Murder Suspect Loses His Life In Police Gun Battle

The police were shot at three different times.

Shots rang out as Kansas City Police on Sunday were forced to kill a man who opened fire on them. According to the Kansas City Star, the suspect shot three officers and was a person of interest “in the off-campus July 6 shooting death of a University of Missouri-Kansas City student.

Thankfully, all three of the wounded lawmen are expected to live after the nightmare that began at “the Sky-Vu Motel on U.S. 40,” and came to its conclusion roughly an hour later when a man emerged from “a house at 30th and Topping Avenue.”  The gunman exchanged fire on three separate occasions, so this was not a situation where the police were given much of a choice. That act sealed his fate.

At 4:30 p.m., the cops were still in an “active investigation” at the Topping location and their guns were drawn. An armored vehicle was even seen parked outside of the residence, a sure sign that any further trouble would be met with severe force.

So far, the home has not been cleared. Sgt. Jacob Becchina said that no one is thought to be hiding within, but that “a precautionary operation to clear the house” was underway.

The man who was shot was under surveillance for the murder of UMKC student, Sharath Koppu, “during a restaurant robbery in the 5400 block of Prospect Avenue.” Authorities have not yet stated if the man who they had to shoot was the same man in the establishment’s video footage, however.

Police had been scouring the area for the suspect when he “popped up” at the “Sky-Vu Motel, 8300 E. U.S. 40,” according to Chief of Police Rick Smith.

We have been looking for him all week, and this is the first time we laid eyes on him,” he added.

Around 12:30 p.m., a pair of undercover cops were shot, a fact confirmed by Becchina.

After that, the culprit fled with another person and backup was called for. The vehicle that the suspects were in was found shortly after that and the “accomplice” was arrested.

This was certainly not the way that anyone wanted this to end, but after shooting at officers on three different occasions and running from the law, the suspected killer had to be stopped before he could bring any more misery.

Sometimes, a person can err so badly that there is no recovery.