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United States Space Force Added To Military

Mr. Trump is has just announced the start of the Space Force.

Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Air Force, and …Space Force? That is the new branch of government being created by President Donald Trump according to Fox News. The reason is that, regrettably, the idea of warfare entering the realm of space is growing quite likely and the U.S.A. is lagging far behind in some areas.

On Monday, Fox said that the President vowed to “make space great again” as he spoke at “a meeting of the National Space Council” today. “We are going to have a space force,” promised Mr. Trump. “An Air Force and a Space Force. Separate, but equal.” The military just got a massive upgrade.

This is the biggest news since President George W. Bush opened a new department after the 911 attacks. Back in May, while honoring the Black Knights football team, the White House floated the same idea of the Space Force, a notion that is now clearly more concrete.

Just who is going to run the U.S. Space Force and what all of the roles shall be is still largely unknown, as are most other nuances. The main idea stated was that “China and Russia and other countries leading us,” according to Mr. Trump.

That is going to change and the U.S. is going to “be the leader by far,” he also vowed. The Commander in Chief has already promised to rebuild NASA and to not only get America back on the Moon, but to Mars, as well.

America’s leader also wants the United States to be more active in space, he “threw his support behind the nascent commercial space travel industry, and signed a directive to manage space traffic,” as well.

Much of these changes are to prevent satellite crashes in space and to manage how they are built to ensure that the goal is met.

This all sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, perhaps even sci-fi horror flick when warfare is factored in as an option, but it only too real.

However, if America is lagging behind, that means that the U.S. did not rush to have this become an option. In fact, Obama worked to siphon money from Space exploration as often as he could.

Therefore, if there is no choice but to get ready in space, then ready in space America will be. Hopefully, the lure of Mars and beyond is worth more than finding new ways to kill one another from space, but that remains to be seen.