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Utah Rep Calls Out Deep State For Embarrassment Tactics

What the "Deep State" is trying to do to this Utah Rep (pictured), if true, should be called out., according to many pundits.

In some circles, talk of the “Deep State” was enough to cause certain people to start crafting tinfoil hats, but as the Daily Caller has written today, that is no longer the case. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) has gone so far as to call out the deep state actors and to finger them for trying to “embarrass” him by looking to every nuance of his past.

There is a concerted effort. Remember, when [President] Donald Trump first started, there were leaks. There were just absolute leaks that were going on,” the G.O.P representative said on Fox & Friends. “The president would have a discussion with a foreign leader — that would get out, declassified information. This is how the deep state operates.

Chaffetz also said that a spy was sent to monitor what he was doing and that the Secret Service and Internal Revenue Service were both used to target him.

They did it to me personally,” Chaffetz stated. “As a member of Congress when I was a chairman of the Oversight Committee, I had the Secret Service, more than 40 agents, delve into my background because they wanted to embarrass me — more than a dozen offices, the IRS.”

As if that were not enough, he also said, “I mean, they sent a spy essentially to just watch what I do. It’s amazing how brazen they are. The State Department did this.

Some talking heads may enjoy having new scandals to report on, but to what end should a person be scrutinized when running for office or wanting to otherwise serve?

The problem, if this line of thinking is followed, could imply to some readers that society is expecting too much from certain candidates.

While many legal minds have said that corruption in government is a big problem, it can also be said that wanting only saints to apply for jobs of leadership may be unreasonable, too.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh could be one such person who would agree with such thinking, just as Chaffetz is apt to be.

If America is more interested in what sins a person may have done down to the tiniest detail in the past instead voting for what they can do for the future, then some could argue that progress is going to come quite slowly, if at all.