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White House Confirms: The 2 Men Will Finally Meet

AT LAST!Trump and Putin are going to talk "on the sidelines" at the G20 Summit.

Being the President of the United States is not an easy job and anyone who whines about it once getting it is a disgrace. This truth has been used like a sledgehammer against President Trump but without reason or merit. His complaints have been separate from the job at hand and all about dealing with a fake news giant like CNN who write lies about him.

He has asked, with good reason, how any leader could ever do their job and talk to Putin if they are accused of everything from subversion (just for talking to a Russian as part of one’s job, like Flynn did) to getting tasteless acts done to them by Russian prostitutes as he cheats on his wife? While this is only one example, RT is reporting that Trump may have found a way around all of this nonsense.

This can NOT go on.

Russia needlessly buzzing U.S. warships (shown here) will certainly come up in the discussion.

The two leaders will meet “on the sidelines of the G20 summit,” National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has said. The Advisor answered the question about if hacking with be mentioned by saying that the exact details are “not finalized.”

Elaborating, he also said, “There is no specific agenda. It’s really going to be whatever the president wants to talk about.” Trump does plan to address what McMaster called “irritants” (such as the manic Russian buzzing our war vessels and planes) as well as areas where they can work as one.

Our relationship with Russia really isn’t different” than is the United State’s relationship with any country, according to McMaster. For him, as well as Trump, the goal seems to be the same.

RT mentions other “irritants” such as the Syrian war and Putin’s seemingly boundless support of Assad at all costs. Many have forgotten about Russia’s stance on the Ukraine (though Crimea DID chose to join Russia by vote), but it will not be overlooked, either.

What a mess the Ukraine is.

The horrid situation in the Ukraine (pictured) will be mentioned as an “irritant” when talks are held.

Russia will likely gripe about American sanctions that have been placed on the Great Bear as well as, it can be imagined, Putin’s obsession with NATO weapons meant to fight terror being placed on his doorstep.

It may be the best news of the day – perhaps of the week – that this dialogue is set to happen.

After all, let us remember that while Democrats hated Reagan at first, his ideas still brought us peace with the nuclear powerhouse for a quarter of a decade. Perhaps it is time for a repeat of that.

Source: RT – Teddy Stick