White House Petition Goes VIRAL: Trump To Label AntiFa As Terrorist Organization | Teddy Stick

White House Petition Goes VIRAL: Trump To Label AntiFa As Terrorist Organization

It will be a difficult one, but President Trump needs to make the call.

A petition is circulating on the whitehouse.gov page asking for President Trump to label Antifa what it actually is, a terrorist organization. So far it has been signed by 156,882 people after being created just four days ago.

The petition begins by defining a terrorist organization, “the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims”. Even those that would like to ignore all the violence perpetuated by the left-wing group, should have a difficult time saying they have not used intimidation to further their goals.

How can this be called anything but terrorism?

Hoards of masked people, many carrying weapons, screaming and making demands, is intensely intimidating, especially if you are at a place where you expected a peaceful protest. In addition, the group has a proven history (check out YouTube) of goading everyone around them into violence thus pursuing their “political aims.”

Let’s look at the Berkeley riots. Designed to keep conservative speaker and journalist Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at their campus, the Antifa descended on Berkeley and the result was over $100,000 in property damage along with several people being injured. As the terrorist group, they used violence and intimidation to get what they wanted.

And it worked, causing their tactics to grow increasingly more bold and dangerous with each assault. That sounds a lot like another group operating right now under the name of ISIS. Antifa certainly doesn’t have the same number of deaths on their hands…yet.

The liberal media and politicians have condoned the Antifa movement. What started with the denial that they even exist has morphed into a subtle agreement, up to outright encouragement. Last week Teddy Stick reported on a video that Democrats had posted using Loretta Lynch to openly call for use of Antifa tactics such as violence and intimidation. Meanwhile, they work to blame the right for the attacks when they do happen. Our country, in the left’s demand to become tolerant, has descended into such bias, it is barely recognizable.

That is the reason that this petition was started. New Jersey has already made this move. Their government has declared this group a terrorist one. Now it is time for President Trump to do the same so we can finally put an end to it.

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