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White House Team May Still Head To North Korea Summit

Mr. Trump (pictured) has not turned his back on the peace process.

On Infowars, host and supporter of President Donald Trump, Roger Stone, opined that when the summit was canceled with Kim Jong-un in North Korea, there was nothing to panic about. In his book, “The Art of the Deal,” the president talked about walking away from a deal in order to return to the bargaining table soon after to achieve a better deal. As Roll Call has published today, that is exactly what seems to be happening.

The White House has an “advance team” ready to head to Singapore and they may yet be heading on the trip that the leftist media was/is quick to build tombstones for. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has said that Mr. Trump is ready to talk about how to move forward with peace, and of hearing from the D.P.R.K.‘s leader on how to make that happen. Nay saying Democrats are silenced as the whole process moves forward and they have no idea what the president’s next move shall be.

We’ll see. We still have a few hours before that takes place,” said Sanders to reporters. White House Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagin is still ready to make the summit happen and of making it a success.

Sanders also said, “We’re always going to be prepared. If the meeting takes place on June 12, we’ll be ready, if it takes place on July 12, we’ll be ready. We’ll continue to have conversations, we’ll continue to have close contact with our partners and allies.”

She was making clear what her deputy, Hogan Gidley, had said that seemed to imply otherwise on hours earlier. He had said that there “was no plan at that time for the Hagin-led team to fly to Singapore.

The president tweeted this morning that “a statement” from Pyongyang was encouraging, not the doom and gloom that the mainstream media is predicting. He said that the statement was “very good news” and “warm” and “productive.”

All of this shows two things at play here that are not mutually exclusive. First of all, Mr. Trump is not going to enter into a deal like the one that John Kerry and former President Obama did with Iran. If that happened, in mere years, nukes would again be threatening the skies of Asia and there would be no change at all.

That is not a deal, that is a disaster.

The second thing to note is that Donald Trump wants peace. He wants to see progress made and he has no desire to see North Korea grow poorer and more miserable. He just wants the deal done right.

That is the art of it, after all.