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White House Win As Texas Exports More Oil Than It Imports

Texas just got news of a huge Trump policy victory.

When President Donald Trump took office, some Democrats and others said that he was never going to be able to keep his promises or achieve his goals. Many of those people are eating a huge plate of crow today as Oil Price (dot com) has confirmed that, for the first time in history, Texas exports more oil than it imports.

The Energy Information Administration has announced that this happened in April (it took time to collate the data) and that “crude oil exports from the Houston-Galveston port district exceeded imports by 15,000 bpd.” Over one month’s time, “the advantage of exports over imports welled further, to an impressive 470,000 bpd.” This is record-breaking news as what can be called “MAGAnomics” hits America.

So much for Mr. Trump’s detractors.

Another aspect that stands out boldly is the fact that “not a single crude oil cargo has been loaded for China.” This is a sign that the White House was not kidding when it promised China hardship if they opposed fairer trade agreements with the United States.

Hellenics wrote that the “bulk of crude oil exports from the Houston-Galveston area went to China, Canada, Italy, and the UK, with exports to China averaging 300,000 bpd in both June and July,” instead. However, in last month’s list, China’s name is absent.

The good news keeps gushing. Texas is about to “become the biggest oil producer after Russia and Saudi Arabia.” This is splendid news because it means that America is not going to have to rely on nations that may have hacked U.S. networks and/or countries that hack the heads off of helpless women any longer to keep the heat on, as the Conservative Daily Post revealed.

CNN has also discovered that if current estimates hold true, “the Lone Star State will be pumping almost 6 million bpd in 2019.”

At last, the cry of Sarah Palin, “Drill baby, drill!” is becoming a reality, at least on the production end.

While the shale market may have an effect on this 6 million prediction, the facts show that Mr. Trump is winning. America has relied on other nations to do things that needed to be done at home for far too long and those days are over.

Of course, oil jobs are not exactly poor paying jobs, either, so this is yet another win for the White House.

For some reason, naysaying Democrats are very quiet today…